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The Music and The Land - The Concert (2016)

The Occasionals, Phil Cunningham, Martin Carthy, Ross Ainslie, Simon Thoumire, Gary West, Jane Gardner, Billy Kay, Cailean Maclean, and Janet Barbour

'Highlights? There are so many that to pick a few out would be to do an injustice to the rest of the CD. All I know is that you’ll get up from listening to this with a smile on your face, and a lasting regret that you weren’t in the audience at the recordings' - The Living Tradition

Tracks - THE OCCASIONALS – The Sea Shanty Set / ROSS AINSLIE/FREELAND BARBOUR/GARY WEST – Laxdale Cottage/The Pitlochry Highland Games / BILLY KAY – Destiny / PHIL CUNNINGHAM/FREELAND BARBOUR/NEIL MACMILLAN - The Craic at Clashmore Hall/The Drampire – Frank McConnell’s Three Step/Cape Ann – Atholl Braes/The Drunken Piper / CAILEAN MACLEAN/FREELAND BARBOUR/JANE GARDNER – Oran Badantarbairt/Badentarbat/Northlins / FREELAND BARBOUR/JANE GARDNER/MAIRI CAMPBELL/ALISON SMITH – Remember Them With Gladness / FREELAND BARBOUR/JANE GARDNER/MAIRI CAMPBELL/ALISON SMITH/KEVIN MACLEOD – Kvalnes Reinlender / FREELAND BARBOUR/JANET BARBOUR – In The Lamplight / MARTIN CARTHY – High Germany / GARY WEST – Pasacorredoires de Ponteareas e Vilalba/Aires de Pontevedra / THE OCCASIONALS – The Whittingham Rant / MARTIN CARTHY – My Son John / ROSS AINSLIE – Lullaby For Mel/Chris Grace’s Jig/Reel Of Beer / SIMON THOUMIRE/FREELAND BARBOUR – Chastleton Triple/Black Dog’s Hornpipe / SIMON THOUMIRE – Joseph Boseph/Offensive Doctor Flute Pervert/The Lasses Fashion/Barney’s Balmoral / ROSS AINSLIE – Jock Brown’s 70th/Tain In The Rain/High Drive / FREELAND BARBOUR – With Stinging Eyes And Straining Thighs / THE OCCASIONALS – Kevin Macleod’s/The Millar Man/Conal An Dranndain/Hardie’s Triumph / THE OCCASIONALS + GUESTS –FINALE - Sarah’s Reel/Sam’s Reel

With the stunning photography of Cailean Maclean and over 450 of Freeland Barbour’s compositions, ‘The Music and the Land’ is a wonderful tribute to Scotland’s landscape and traditions. This sumptuous 2-volume book was published by Birlinn Ltd. in October 2015 and launched with concert/ceilidh nights at The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, and The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow. This album was recorded at these nights and contains much of their magic, a chance to hear just a few of the compositions from the book, and also to hear other music from the distinguished list of performers. Everyone in the concert had made a contribution to the book in some way and this made for a wonderful atmosphere and, in the words of author James Robertson, ‘a book launch like no other.’

Birling (2012)

'18 tracks, some for dancing and others for just sheer listening pleasure but all guaranteed to gain the band many more fans. Definitely one of Scotland's finest dance bands' - Foot Stompin

'This is a wonderful CD, rock steady tempos with a jaunty lift and exciting sound throughout' - Box and Fiddle

'The 7th album by one of the greatest Scottish Dance Bands at their best' -

Tracks - The Hornes Set / The Occasionals Jigs / The Highland Wedding / Orkney Memories / The Westringing Set / The Capstan Two Step / Gaelic Melodies / Northern Reels / A Drop Of Brandy / Set Of Marches / Cold Winds / The Hebridean / The Celebration / Happy We've Been / Irish Jigs / The Percy French Set / The Old 2/4's / Dumfries And Galloway Reels

The above tracks cover music for many of the well-known ceilidh dances.

The Full Set - of Basic Scottish Ceilidh Dances (2008)

‘A wonderful DVD and CD from The Occasionals’Dirty Linen

AUDIO CD with 12 most popular Scottish Ceilidh Dances + 4 bonus tracks.

BOOKLET with Dance Instructions for the above 12 dances, plus general background notes.

DVD with Instructional Film for the 12 dances + 'HOME FOOTAGE', a 1 hour documentary on The Occasionals. Gay Gordons / Highland Schottische / Eva Three Step / Virginia Reel / St. Bernard's Waltz / Dashing White Sergeant / Military Two Step / Pride of Erin Waltz / Britannia Two Step / Strip The Willow / Canadian Barn Dance / Eightsome Reel / The Friendly Waltz / The Russian Ballet / The Full Set Polka / The Orkney Eva Three Step

Sample: Tinkers Horse Set

Sample: Whisky Set

Down to the Hall - Ceilidh Dance to The Occasionals (2006)

‘The Occasionals are at the top of their game and it shows’Rambles (USA)
‘The brilliant new fifth CD from The Occasionals’Box and Fiddle
‘Will keep the peats smouldering for years’Scotland on Sunday
‘Good Stuff’Froots

Tracks: Waldoboro / La Russe / Reedy Lagoon /Balmoral Highlanders / Lord Lovat / Happy Valley / Frank and Anne Martin / Old Adam / Lily Russell / Liberton Pipe Band / Cavan Girl / Penicuik Ceilidh Club / Flett from Flotta / Shoe The Donkey / Peter's Peerie Boat / The Drampire / The Agnes / Gardebylaten / George Johnston / Ladies of Spain / Shiftin' Bobbins.

The above tracks cover music for La Russe, Wilma's Waltz, Palais Glide, Viennese Swing, Dinky One Step, Fiona's Polka, Waltz of The Bells, Marine Four Step, Millenium March, Postie's Jig, La Rosa, Shiftin' Bobbins, Allemans March ...amongst others.

Sample: La Russe

Sample: Ladies of Spain Waltz

Reel of Four - Dance Music from Scotland (2004)

‘Elegant,entertaining and just somehow ‘right’’ - The Scots Magazine
‘A superb recording’ - Accordion Review
‘A marvellous document of traditional and contemporary sets for Scottish ceilidh dancing’ - Dirty Linen (USA)
‘Yet another excellent album from one of the greatest ceilidh bands ever’ - The Living Tradition

Tracks: The Thomson Boys / Botany Bay / Loch Maree Islands / Bobby Campbell / Jock Mackay / Maids of Kintail / Stirlingshire Militia / Flowers of Edinburgh / Cumberland Reel / Jessamine / Eileen and Roddie Macleod / La Va / Yon Toun / Sands of Egypt / Maggie Mae / Willie Tait

Sample: Bobby Campbell

Sample: Maids of Kintail

Live from The Music Hall Aberdeen - Scottish and Old Time Music (1999)

‘The finest Scottish and Old Time dance music from a legendary group in the making’ - The Living Tradition
‘One of the best Scottish dance bands’ - Folk Roots
‘A verve and drive guaranteed to lift a morgue and turn it into a partyRTE
‘this matchless ceilidh band’ - Inverness Courier

Tracks: Virginia Reel / Circle Waltz / Military Two Step / Gay Gordons / Highland Schottische / Killarney Waltz / Eva Three Step / White Heather Foxtrot / Barony Waltz / Britannia Two Step / Gay Gordons Two Step / Victory Waltz / Circles Four / Canadian Barn Dance / The Riverside / The Last Waltz / Final Blast

Sample: Virginia Reel

Sample: Peggy Macdonald

Back in Step - The Complete Scottish Ceilidh Dance Volume 2 (1996)

‘Substantial and immaculately performe’d - Dirty Linen (USA)

Tracks: Grand March / Boston Two Step / Flying Scotsman / Hesitation Waltz / Jacky Tar Two Step / Circassian Circle / Lomond Waltz / Baden Powell / Hullichan's Jig / Duke of Perth / Russian Ballet / Friendly Waltz / The Haymakers / Gypsy Tap / Southern Rose Waltz / Drops of Brandy / Call of the Pipes / Orcadian Strip The Willow As a companion to this CD see also the Booklet of Dance Instructions ('Back In Step).

Sample: Shot Merchant

Sample: Hawaiian Set

Back in Step (Book)

This is a booklet containing full dance instructions to accompany the music recorded on The Occasionals 'Back In Step' CD (CDTRAX 107).

The dances are The Grand March / The Boston Two Step / The Flying Scotsman / The Hesitation Waltz / The Jacky Tar Two Step / The Circassian Circle / The Lomond Waltz / The Baden Powell / Hullichan's Jig / The Duke of Perth (Broun's Reel) / The Russian Ballet / The Friendly Waltz / The Haymakers / The Gypsy Tap / The Southern Rose Waltz / Drops of Brandy / The Call Of The Pipes / The Orcadian Strip The Willow.

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Footnotes - The Complete Scottish Ceilidh Dance (1992)

‘Faultless and vivacious’ - The Scotsman
‘Highly recommended’ - Folk Roots

Tracks: Gay Gordons / Eva Three Step / St. Bernard's Waltz / Dashing White Sergeant / Military Two Step / Canadian Barn Dance / Pride of Erin Waltz / Strip The Willow / Britannia Two Step / Waltz Country Dance / Cumberland Square Eight / Highland Schottische / Swedish Masquerade / Virginia Reel / The Foula Reel / The Veleta / Eightsome Reel / Last Waltz

Sample: Cumberland Square

Sample: Foula Reel

Footnotes (Book)

This is a booklet containing full dance instructions to accompany the music recoirded on The Occasionals' 'Footnotes' CD (IRCD021).

The dances are The Gay Gordons / The Eva Three Step / The St. Bernard's Waltz / The Dashing White Sergeant / The Military Two Step / The Canadian Barn Dance / The Pride of Erin Waltz / Strip The Willow / The Britannia Two Step / Waltz Country Dance / The Cumberland Square Eight / The Highland Schottische / The Swedish Masquerade / The Virginia Reel / The Foula Reel / The Veleta / The Eightsome Reel

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