Welcome - The Occasionals

The Occasionals are widely regarded as one of the foremost Scottish Ceilidh Dance Bands and have been playing since 1986. At that time performances were infrequent (hence the name) but after the release of their first CD that soon changed, though the name stuck.

Equally at home playing for Ceilidh, Old Time, or Scottish Country Dance, the band also include concert work, are regulars on TV and radio, have 7 best-selling CD's to their credit, and are all well-known solo performers. As the leading folk music magazine Folk Roots put it - "If you want straight down the line dance music you can't do much better than The Occasionals".

Whatever your event, be it wedding, conference, social, or party, if it's ceilidh music you're after then The Occasionals are happy to do it and can alter the size of the band to suit numbers and budget.

  • "A wonderful DVD and CD from The Occasionals" The Full Set DVD
    - Dirty Linen

  • "Faultless and vivacious" Footnotes CD
    - The Scotsman

  • "Highly recommended" Footnotes CD
    - Folk Roots

  • "Substantial and immaculately performed" Back In Step CD
    - Dirty Linen (USA)

  • "The brilliant new fifth CD from The Occasionals" Down to the Hall CD
    - Box and Fiddle

  • "Yet another excellent album from one of the greatest ceilidh bands ever"
    Reel of Four CD - The Living Tradition